Create a customer pyramid yourself


With the customer pyramid of Curry, the relationship between customer and sales is mapped out. The basis of the model is the widely used Pareto principle, also known as the 80/20 rule of Pareto.

There are different formats for the customer pyramid which can be used, but generally the customers are divided into five different groups:
• top customers
• large customers
• medium-sized customers
• small customers
• and inactive customers.

In the tool these customers are defined in terms of turnover. Of course, this can be different for every company. So first determine how these customer categories are defined within your company.

Then you collect data. As source you use the accounting of the company.
You collect data per category: number of customers in absolute figures, turnover in absolute figures and profit in absolute figures.

You can enter the figures in the gray areas.

As a result, you’ll (of course) get a pyramid and insight into the Pareto principle applied to your customer base.

What conclusions can you draw with each other?