How to make a MABA analysis

Download the MABA analysis (excel sheet) by using the link below.

All gray areas and ‘markets’ (market1, market2, etc.) can be edited.

After you’ve filled in all the information, you will receive a graph on the basis of which you can make statements with each other regarding the portfolio.



Possible (external) factors that could influence the attractiveness of the market:

  • the size of the market
  • percentage of market growth
  • profitability of the market
  • price trends
  • competition intensity
  • overall risk of revenue
  • barriers to entry
  • opportunity to distinguish products and services
  • changeability of demand
  • segmentation
  • distribution structure
  • technological development

Possible (internal) factors that could influence the competitiveness of an SBU:

  • strength of assets
  • abilities
  • brand strength
  • market share
  • growth in market share
  • customer loyalty
  • cost structure (compared with competitors)
  • profit margins (compared to competitors)
  • distribution capacity
  • production capacity
  • technological developments
  • innovative power
  • quality
  • access to funding
  • quality management

Download the tool below.